My Personal Web Site

Last year it was time for me to build my website. And honestly nothing is more annoying than a website where the content gets out of date, but on the other hand, I didn't want to mess with WordPress or another CMS. I just wanted something, which is fun to look at and where I can share information about me in a convenient way. That’s how I came to the idea using twitter as my back end.

Reveal the map

Site Structure

This is pretty straight forward. There is one fullscreen area which gets a background image with type set over it. In the right lower corner you see a date and a button. By clicking the button, you discover a map, a short info about me and a small navigation menu for getting in contact with me.

Content via Twitter

Content Management

As I mentioned before, with this system, I am able to change the content via Twitter. Therefore I wrote a Python script, which lives as a cronjob on my web server and checks every 10 minutes my Twitter account for the latest tweet with a defined hashtag and stores this tweet as a JSON file. With all the information from that tweet, the website is built at runtime. If there is a photography attached to the tweet, it will serve as background. The message will be written over it and if a geolocation is provided, the map will be adjusted.

Site on two devices


It was a nice experiment with a beautiful result. On one side a website with steadily changing content, featuring nice images and on the other side a Twitter plugin which works with the v3 API and is secure. It lead me to other ideas which will hopefully be realised in the future. Meanwhile, I change the layout of my site but the main functionality remains.


Apple Device templates: PixeDen, PixelDima, PSDgraphics, FreebiesBug.
Icons & Fonts: Font Awesome, League Gothic & Jimmy Stash.
Sourcecode: LatestTweetByHashTag, PDXIII-v01.