Different people react in different ways. On construction sounds or children or traffic. How can the perception of noise be measured? Is there a value that oscillates between annoying and nice? And there were more questions.

How could this be measured?

With this survey (only in german) we tried to get our hands on some data. At this moment it's the perception of 39 people. But there is no live-stream.

UE-Laerm Screen1 UE-Laerm Screen2 UE-Laerm Screen3 UE-Laerm Screen4

Based on the data we got from the survey we build some graphs and tried to understand. Of course are some things obvious. Like the perception of traffic in general. But some smaller differences are interesting. People like children a bit more than dogs. But only at daytime. And everybody loves lightning and thunder at night.

UE-Laerm Screen5

Finally (and because we were eager to make something beautiful) we choose a metaphor to explain the data. The always flowing circle as an image for the never stopping life in the city. The particle, as the person who reacts on sound, has to make its way through space. The typographic obstacles are noises that interfere with the mood of the masses. We split this into three different spaces. Public space (the inner ring), private space (in the middle) and workspace (the outer ring). We also made a difference between the perception on day and night.