Peter Sekan

ux & frontend engineer • creative technologist

Job Profile: UX Engineer

Tue May 18 2021

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What Does A UX Engineer Do?

UX engineers combine the mindset of UI/UX designers with the craftsmanship of frontend engineers. As part of the product design team, they focus on building and maintaining design systems and the related frontend component libraries in source code. For UX research and user tests they build high-fidelity prototypes that almost work and feel like the real product to gain better insights from the users’ perspective.

They can help design operations improving processes by providing systematic thinking and automatization if possible, or customization of plugins for design tools.

Because they know the technical restrictions of the platform they are concentrating on, they can estimate the technical efforts of visual designs, suggest possible compromises to achieve the best possible user experience in the given time frame and improve the understanding of these restrictions among designers.

They promote the usage of the company’s frontend component library among engineers by giving detailed information about its application and benefits.

While frontend engineers foremost focus on data flow and performance, UX engineers concentrate on accessibility, including semantical HTML, consistency, and the correct implementation of the visual design.